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December 11 2020


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Homer's Events at CaCaa's Page  -  Homer is CaCaa's official party mascot.

Oct 31 2020 posted

- Past CaCaa's party -

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"When the hell is the next party ?" All members welcome to these parties.

Next party is

Laurene as a Simpsons character

UPDATED 12/11/20

For 2021 we will be scheduling parties IN ACCORDANCE WITH NY / LI COVID LIMITATIONS AS OF ABOVE DATE

In keeping with the past that we never cancelled a party to date, we can continue that run since we haven't actually planned one yet this year to cancel. Ha !

They will only be direct invites. This will include phone, Emails and limited Facebook.

We are optimistic that the 2021 season won't be a total wash but priorities must be considered first for all of our sakes. CaCaa's has been operating for over 44 years with now 938 parties to date. We have gone through Hurricanes, Blackouts, Terror attacks, 2008 Depression, 2020 Pandemic and the usual good times and bad.

We can survive a pause for the common good.

- Stay safe -

Stay Tuned

Ron as a Simpsons character


All members welcome to these parties. Bad weather is never a factor when it comes to our parties but this killer virus is !

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