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A NEW BenQ TH670 series DLP HD 3D projector has replaced our older HP projector in the theater. Featuring true HiDef from the networked HD DVR fios source, Helios X3000 Streaming WiFi DVD Upconverter, Samsung BlueRay DVD player. 10000:1 contrast, 3000 lumens.
Installed: July 2017
Our older HP DLP 1080 Projector is now being used for our Firepit Outdoor Theater.

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch...
D'oh !

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Popcorn Hour A-110 Network Media Tank

View a 2011 submitted walk through of the MiniPlex, Bar and Gaming areas before a Halloween party.

DVD count increasing by 3 to 4 a week

LaserDisc count = 398 final

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Always Evolving

Front and back of the theater. Pictures taken 2006.

MiniPlex Studio & Projector updated Late '06 with Hi-Def equipment.

Main lobby area with 8 video screens , 8 LCD party picture slide show screens, 4 flat Crazy monitors and 3 arcade games in lobby area , 3 more arcade video with 2 pinball in joining game room (pictures as of 2008). Refitted with game lounge 2014. Pics soon. (FirePower has been disassembled to make room for the game room lounge area for Halloween 2014).

Accommodates a mess of party animals !

Full service top shelf bar with a constant $5k of alcohol on hand. Pictures taken 2005.

New flat screens added in 2012 all around the bar area.

Additional Studio equipment not listed on right side, used outside of theater in main entertainment area >> Home Automated Living system, Audio (DAT, MP3, Cassette, MD, 22ch Mixing console, DME, Onkyo amp, Aiwa Amp. Video (1/2", 3/4", 2 SEGs. 2 Studio Computers, 3 bar and seating video message computers, 8 slideshow frames, 6 lasers (red, green, purple & blue). Lighting myDMX Effects lighting software interface used for various lighting modules and room hue's. Too much other stuff to list...

We have had 3D capability since Oct. 1998
thanks to our Chequemate 2D/3D processor with 4 wired LCD glasses on the Runco.

The Brandt MiniPlex originally built mid 90's features optically driven 5.1 channel Dolby Digital sound, a BenQ TH670 series 3D DLP front projector,a 110" screen. Media is Laser Disc, DVD & BR, Digital.

Over 2038+ movies can be accessed by a movie indexed touch screen system. The sound field is 120watts x 5 with 2-200watt wall subs and 2-80watt free standing subs.

The room total is 1160 watts using B&W, CerwinVega and Yamaha speakers. The theater and its surroundings

include comfortable reclining theater chairs with subsonic interactors attached to each
chair for that extra punch. A
candy counter stuffed with

dozens of candy bars, soda system, professional cotton candy and popcorn machine. Fully stocked 6 tier top shelf wet bar with 2 beer coolers.

Outside of the theater there are video arcade games, multi ball pinball, casino games plus a game room lounge area with 3 monitors.
All games are free play.
We can accommodate up to 45 guests comfortably.

Equipment list below is for theater operation only:

BenQ - TH670 series 3D DLP HD Digital Projector (2017)
Helios - X3000 HD 1080i Network DVD Upconverter
Sony - HD - DVR - 1000+ Channel Fios receiver (3 units)
Videotek - VIS-1201 Video Switch (12 in x 2 out 5 units bar monitors)
BlackBox - RGB Component Video Switch (4 in x 2 out to projectors)
Runco - Cinema 750 Digital Projector (Redundant but still operational)
Pioneer - DVL 909 Laser Disc / DVD Transport 480i output
Sony - SDP-E 800 5.1 Dolby Digital processor
Samson - Servo 240 - Raw Power Amplifiers (3x2 amp 6 channel)
B & W - Speakers (theater center behind-screen mounted)
Cerwin Vega - Speakers (2 front / 2 rear)
Yamaha - Self-Powered Sub speakers 80w (2 floor)
Soundcraftsmen - PM-840 Dual Power amp 200w (for 2 16" Wall JBL's)
Panasonic - NV-3400 3/4" U-MATIC VTR
Popcorn Hour - A-110 NMT - HD Network Media Tank (Digital)
Chequemate 3D - CTD-100A 480i 3D Processor + 4 pair LCD Glasses

JBL - 16" Sub speakers (2 In Wall)
Aura - Bass Shakers (4 chairs)
AMD - 2gig Computer for movie title database
KeyTech - Touchscreen (bar)

DLP technology used in the MiniPlex Theater since 2006.

Our Runco Cinema 750 Digital Projector is not physically in the way on the ceiling and it is still operational . The new BenQ TH670 DLP projector is used exclusively for HD progamming, Fios HD content, Helios DVD upconverter and Blu-Ray movies.

Equipment & Photos are of various years of development. Things may have been rearranged or replaced by newer equipment to date.
Click here to see latest party pics with latest stuff.

- Arcade Games are periodically changed or removed with others we have in storage due to room size restraints -

HP-VP6121 HD DLP Digital Projector installed in studio 2006.
HP-VP6121 HD DLP Projector

These are some views of the MiniPlex studio retrofit 2008.
Theater view from main studio

In the game room Currently: Defender StarGate - LadyBug - Centipede arcade video games. FirePower & HighSpeed multi-ball pinball arcade games. All vintage units. (FirePower has been disassembled to make room for the game room lounge area for Halloween 2014).
Video games in Game room

BlackJack / Horse Race / Slots / game located outside of game room
BlackJack / Slots

2 tier Candy Counter / Paragon 1911 Antique  Popcorn machine / Gold Medal 3030 Breeze Cotton Candy machine (not shown in this pic. Purchased 2011).
Candycounter / popcorn

New Lounge area retrofit for additional seating 2014.
New Gameroom Lounge 2013

2 Arcade Casino Games

9 Arcade Video Games

2 Arcade Multi-ball Pinball Games

Lethal Enforcers located outside of game room
Lethal Enforcers

Ms. Pac Man Video located left of the bar
Ms. Pac Man

Star Castle located outside of game room
Star Castle

Play slots located outside of game room by candy counter.

Dual Baseball Video Game moved, disassembled and stored for 2 new games in 2007 .
Dual Baseball Video Game

Street Fighter II located outside of game room
Street Fighter II

2 Multiball Pinballs in the Game room - HighSpeed & FirePower. (FirePower has been disassembled to make room for the game room lounge area for Halloween 2014).
2 Pinballs in the Game room

Audio Clip Answer: "PULP FICTION"

- The Brandt MiniPlex is located in a private residence and is not commercial nor is it open to the general public / All arcade games are FREE PLAY -