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Long Island GTO Car Show Summer 2006

All that but when powered off, you see nothing but an original unmodified car. All effects are invisible until turned on.

One of many hidden effects added to car for shows

My H/O is still authentic Numbers matching including its original rear wing, hood buldge, badges, chip guard, rims, lightning rod shifters, factory 307 180hp engine, tranny and factory W40 plate on firewall. This particular H/O is equipped with every option that was available, all power accessories down to the power antenna and electric pop up trunk, full guages and tach. Also included is the more expensive factory electric moon roof instead of the common T-Tops popular in the 80s. A chrono factory clock, rear window defogger, A/C, tilt wheel, cruise control, variable wipers, 4 speaker AM/FM Cassette, power seat, leather rap wheel plus a rare addition is a 6 cassette pop-up holder in the center console with an original Oldsmobile promotional Cassette tape (with its plastic case) that still plays. No built-in cup holders offered back then. Oh well.

4 Ghost CREE LED projector Emblems added in 2016 to lower doors (Aim down), Front (Aim out), Rear (Aim out).

LED Scrolling Rear Plate Frame

Street Projection

Chrono factory clock

Original Oldsmobile promotional Cassette tape (and its plastic case)

6 cassette pop-up holder in the center console

Ron wants to preserve the car and all of the hard body and paint work
that SpritzbyFritz has done for him.
Ron has had the car for some 34 years and will probably never sell this car.

Second time around at the Coliseum Car show November 2005

Engine, Interior updates, Car Electronics, Trunk/Hood Lighting, Other Lighting FX, etc. by Ron (ongoing)...
I have also gathered up quite a bit of spare parts such as: light bezels, steering columns, dash, gauges, clocks, interior pieces such as chromed vents, switches, door and side glass, complete electric moon roof, piles of '83 307 engine parts and more. Mostly stuff that becomes even more rare as time goes on.

This page is dedicated to MY upgrades and further work to my car

Front & Rear programmable Strobes (As with any pace car) that are imbedded in factory light clusters, Multi-color - 500 LED underbody 4x litebar kit / Red LED secondary Interior show lighting (only visible when On - separate from factory interior lighting) Hood & Trunk lid White LED strips / Dash effects readouts (see below), Scrolling alpha-numeric LED rear plate frame with BRAKE bar / Instrument, console, radio, temperature control and clock LED background color choices / Restored original stock sound system with new power antenna / Under console Satellite radio MP3 toggled with original factory radio / Side Marker LED running lights / 4 Ghost "Oldsmobile" CREE LED projector pavement Emblems / External AC/DC power input connection for shows when main battery is disconnected, Remote status, tracking and alarm system.

All that, but when powered off, you see nothing but an original unmodified factory car.
All effects, displays and controls are invisible until turned on.

Only three visible alterations from factory to suit my taste:
Burgundy Hurst Shifter Balls replacing the original black.(Still have 2 sets (6) includes originals)
Factory Front Grills replaced with all gloss black paint.(Still have 2 pair (Black/Grey) includes originals)
All decals and stripes on body are HAND painted under so much clear coat that you can rub your finger on them and not feel it.. Lower painted stripes are slightly wider (to match and line up with side marker/reflectors width) and are more reflective then the tape originally used from factory or over priced reproductions. Plus something that has always bothered me about the factory tape stripes: The Ends on both sides of the top rear light housings seemed upside down (as shown at Left below). They have now been painted to follow the contour of body curves (as shown at Right below). As for me, these modifications make my car unique as I'm sure no other of the 3000 of 3001 cars have these accents.

Complete Restored Interior down to the factory radio, clock and chrome outlines in dash and center console.
All fabrics including Seats, Doors, Headliner, Floor Rug, Inserts and Electric Roof restored to new.

Continuation of Restoration since 2002 for shows:

New Cat. and custom cut front to rear Exhaust system

Gas Shocks
- - - -
Rear Springs
- - - -
2017 Engine restoration ?

New Head Liner, floor Rug, Seats, complete interior restoration

Electric moon roof replaced with new unit.
- - - -
New 1983 seat belts

Clock / Visors / LED Mirror / Plate mount / H/O factory plates
Engine/Trunk LED lighting

New Burgundy shifter balls
- - - -
3.73 rear

Car is kept in a dark, climate controlled garage to eliminate fading of interior.
It is tucked away from Mid November till mid April.
Never out in the rain or snow anymore. Still has new interior smell in 2017 !
I have All paperwork... 1983 Promotional materials, Bulletin's, Front & Rear Red Anniversary Plates, Owner's manual, All Maintenance manuals, "Cars & Concepts, Inc." assembly drawings, Original Dealer Window sticker.
- All Archived and can be Reproduced for Judged shows. - (It's the little details that add points to a show)

For it's 34th year on the road - Original 307 engine will get a rebuild when I get some cash & time.

Engine Compartment BEFORE PICTURE with 140K+ miles.
Still no tick, leaks or smoke.

2016 Xmas gift my wife had made for me.

Engine Compartment including all decal tags at First Nassau Coliseum Car Show 11/26/04

White L.E.D. light strips on engine & trunk lids added 11/05/14

Original Dealer Manual, Warranty, Salesmen cards, Promotional packets that fit well in the leather bound Oldsmobile case.

Some Oldsmobile Show metal dash plates. Various years.

8 of the 12 Factory Indicators are not really used
and have been re-tasked by me, as follows below.

Custom Dash Display By Ron,
shows all lighting FX, car status and 4 original factory indications.
As with all modifications these are invisible in dash until lit.
Controls for all Effects are also well hidden.
As of July 2004 - Present

Samples of some of the tags that I have reproduced. Many more stored on file to be printed when needed for shows.

All Factory Engine, Door & Miscellaneous tags, Badges, Cassette Tape and Case art, Olds stickers Art,
Showroom Sale Window Sticker, Articles, Bulletins and Electrical Show Systems remastered by Ron.
No sales as they are all custom made by re-drawing and re-typing in the original art and font of the time.

2016 Xmas gift from my wife.

FUN FACTS: How to spot an Authentic 1983 H/O

The VIN "9" engine code shows it is a 442. (180hp)

'83 H/O carb is 17083553.

Look for option code W-40 (H/O) and W-42 (442) on the build sheet or the service sticker (in trunk lid). Sometimes (They DIDN'T always put them on) there is a little cowl tag on or under the hood driver side. This will also have the W-40 / W-42 option listed on it. The Arlington assembly plant said that if they had them when the car was built, they put them on, but if not, oh well. That's because they were wanting to go strictly with the trunk lid mounted service sticker.

It better have the dual snorkel intake with a chrome lid. My factory Chrome lid has a black ring stripe going around the outer edge top. (Longer snorkel on driver side has attached clamp flex hose to a bevel intake cone located front side of radiator).

Also, check the transmission code "OZ"on the passenger side of the tranny.

The hood cowl is one piece with two center rails traveling down to 15th Anniversary nose emblem. One piece back cover as seen from inside window.

Factory Rear wing has 6 parts: Upper center, Under reinforcement center, 2 Ends, 2 Lifts. Also must have plastic guards between trunk lid and the 2 Lift parts. Must have 4 rubber covers inside trunk to hide mounting bolts.

Trunk lid is reenforced to correct for heavier trunk lid due to rear wing attachment.

'83s two piece leather wrap Steering wheel has smaller center hub then the '84s.

'83s rear tail lights have an uninterrupted black spacer line going between lens. ('84s and other years have emblem in center)

This item is indigenous ONLY to the 1983 to 1987 Hurst/442. Look for a "kickdown" switch above the gas pedal. This looks like the old Turbo 400 passing gear detent switch with a little slide switch activated at full throttle. This is actually the full throttle A/C compressor clutch cutout switch. It cuts out the A/C clutch when it's mashed to the floor.

Also, check to see if the tire pressure sticker is still on the driver's door, it will list 215/65/15 as the tire size, again, ONLY on the Hurst/442 in those years.

1983 - Black with lower Grey / 1984 Grey with lower Black. Sand or Burgundy interior / Leather or Cloth lining. No other color schemes.
T-Tops or Electric Moon Roof were available. (Electric Moon Roof has Silver mirror-like finish on top, with manual shade panel interior fabric inside).

1983 / 84 - Rims are all chrome (silver), no Gold or Black inlets. Red stripe around outer edge, bolt on caps with olds logo center).




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