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CaCaa's members finally hitting 50 in 2009

32 years of parties for 2009

 CaCaa's members finally hitting 50 in 2009

CaCaa's members finally hitting 50 in 2009

In a talk with John P. in Florida, (Gods waiting room) back in January 2009, he came up with a fact that a few of the original group will be turning 50 in 2009.
With that in mind it only made sense that we have a private birthday party in honor of the first of the original '70s CaCaa's group who will make it to half a century this year.
As depressing as 50 or 40 or 30 sounds, I'm sure none of us were actually looking or acting our ages. We had this party Saturday afternoon,
AUGUST 15th 2009.
Obviously alot of food was served with a BIG BBQ and of coarse a cake loaded with a stupid amount of candles.


(Fire extinguishers were available).
The party began in the mid afternoon around 3pm continuing well into the night. 10 hours in total. The food was cranking with 3 waves on the grill, Cake was served at 9pm.
Beer Pong was won mostly by team Chris & John.
We never made it downstairs to main bar.
It was redicuolosly hot all day and night and we almost set a record for liquids consumed. We even had misters above the main part of the yard to cool us down.

Thanks to all that attended.

Guest Count 41

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Remember 50 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 25.
-Live long enough to live forever-

CaCaa's members finally hitting 50 in 2009

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Alas...poor brain cells...After 32 years of this, what do we do now ??

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