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Year 46 since 1977

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About Us

CaCaas is a non profit, non commercial, private website serving its members and friends of past events spanning July 1977 to . was created in February 2000 by the owner and original members of CaCaas the Nightclub. is maintained by the owner, checked & updated often.

Access to pages on this site may be limited, updated or removed at any time and without notice.
If at any point, you have any comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know.

CaCaa's events will be posted on this updating site before event date. This does not grant anyone access without personally being invited.
Please do not assume. These are information pages only. Any questions or if you feel we missed you to invite, please call or Email.
If there was an event that wasn't previously posted and you missed it, chances are it was spontaneous or may have been private.
We have many groups of friends.


Phil has told me he has started in 2012, a CaCaas Group page on Facebook, Phil is responsible for all text and data for that page. CaCaas has no direct edit of Phil's CaCaas Group page material and claims no responsibility of content or control. Any invites from Phil's page will be rendered null and void unless otherwise accepted by either Ron, Laurene. Ron, Laurene, CaCaas in part or whole are presently on Facebook with limited information pertaining to CaCaa's events. Pictures, logos, artwork and party details are property of CaCaas and are not licensed to Phil. Phil may post information from this site only after agreement from has been reached. Parties or any type of planned event by Ron & Laurene are posted and updated on only. Any other claim (including but not limited to) dates, times, events or invites not posted on are not valid. CaCaas will not be held liable for incorrect or falsely posted Facebook content by Phil. Any 3rd party copywrited materials not created by CaCaas are not to be transferred to Facebook site under any circumstances.


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